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Timberlite Roof

If your conservatory is feeling too cold in the winter and is stiflingly hot in the summer, then you need a Timberlite Roof. We specialise in replacement conservatory roofs using this innovative and modern, solid roof system.

The Timberlite system is a solid, tiled roof, packed full of insulation that in most cases can be placed on top of your existing window frames.

This gives you a room with all of the durability and insulation of a traditional extension, but with the light and space of a conservatory.

The first step to your revitalised room is a survey of the existing conservatory. We can then discuss with you options for changing the specification and shape of your replacement roof, and once you are happy we will begin manufacture. The manufacturing process takes between 1-2 weeks before being delivered to you. The work of taking down the old roof and finishing the new generally takes less than five days, with very minimal disruption to your home.

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Watch the Timberlite Roof Transformation

Timberlite Extension

Thinking about extending your home?

A traditional extension is a major project, requiring a large amount of labour and this means that they are often expensive.

An All Weather Garden Room is different. It utilises more glazing, and a solid Timberlite Roof, to create an extension that has a light and spacious feel. This modern approach to extending your home is fully compliant with Building Regulations and uses the latest technology to ensure your extension will be as comfortable as any other room in your home.

And because the glazing and roof are pre-fabricated in the factory, there is less time spent on site, and therefore it is lower cost than a traditional build of bricks and tiles.


Brilliant advantages of a Timberlite Roof:

  • High performance insulation
  • Lightweight self supporting timber trusses
  • Provides energy cost savings
  • Reduces rain noise and glare
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Achieves a U-value of 0.13

Call us today on 01482 480700 to arrange a free no obligation appointment.