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Does your conservatory always feel too cold

in the winter months, and gets far too hot in the summer?

We have the perfect solution.

Replace the roof with a beautiful tiled Guardian™ Roof. The result is a combination of an extension and a conservatory, with all of the benefits of both. Whether it’s a new build, or a replacement roof for your existing conservatory, the new room will be attractive on the outside and extremely comfortable and practical. On the inside your new living space will quite literally change the ground floor dynamics of your home, giving you the extra living space you always wanted.


Guardian Roof

A Guardian Roof will provide you with more living space, add value to your property and reduce your heating bills. The tile finish is available in a range of colours to blend in with your house roof, plus the option of roof windows to enhance the flow of light into the room .


Guardian Roofs Built to last

Recent additional new work to an eleven year old Guardian™ roof meant the tiles had to be stripped off. At the same time we thought it might be an idea to inspect the breather membrane and ply deck. As you can see, it’s still as clean and perfect as the day it was laid.


Not Just Guardian Roofs

We don’t just specialise in Guardian Roofs. We can also provide energy efficient high performance Celsius glass keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.


Transformed in just a few days

Watch the Guardian™ Roof Transformation